About Teodora Takacs

Hi, I’m Teo...

...and the only constant in my life is change and learning. I was never talented at something, but I stayed open to experiences and opportunities that showed up and said yes to everything that moved me one step further.

I am Romanian, living in Belgium since 2011. As a marketing leader and manager, I spent the last eight years observing how people interact, respond and develop themselves in work and life environments. The biggest motivator for me is to create a positive and open environment through learning, adopting a pragmatic attitude and fuelling creativity. I believe that if we seek change around us, we need to start with ourselves.


Throughout my life and career, I accumulated experiences from very different areas:

  • I've been working as a marketing manager for the last eight years and I continuously developed my leadership and coaching skills in a challenging international environment. If you want a snapshot of what I do, watch this short interview or connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • I lead initiatives that empower women to grow and develop better leadership skills.

  • I am currently deepening my knowledge and practice of coaching people, after finalising my training with Andrei Rosca and joining an amazing team of Change Strategists at Whisper Center for Strategic Change. You can read more about the Change Strategy Method here

  • I cook, write and do food photography in my free time.

  • I speak several foreign languages (French, English, Dutch) and I am currently learning German (talking about challenges...).

  • I lived in four different countries.

  • I played professional table tennis for 8 years. And yes, it’s a real sport.

  • I studied European Studies and Business in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and later in Le Havre, France.

  • I have a Master of Arts in Gender Studies from the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

  • Over the years, I worked in different roles in Administration, Sales, Marketing and Product Management.

  • And the most inspiring experience of all is to be the mother of an amazing boy who fills my days with joy and laughter.

My growth mindset and collaborative style helped me nurture positive relationships and enjoy the great support of people around me. Now it’s time to give back and do something at the intersection of all my skills and interests. What I want at this stage in my life is to write about the ideas, values and principles that helped me develop and become a better a better person and to support others in their development process.


If you are going through changes, you feel stuck or you just need more clarity in your life, maybe a Change Strategy session could help you.  To ask me a question or schedule a short phone call, please send me an email at heysparkingdrive@gmail.com or fill in this contact form. If you want to hear from me, click on Subscribe and get my newsletter that goes out once a month.