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Imagine the Road Ahead. Goal Setting and the Power of Visual Boards

Goals are an important part of our life, they give us meaning and a reason to get up in the morning. But it’s more about the journey and the pursuit, and less about the destination.

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Do Hard Things: Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness

Hi, I’m Teo


And the reason why I get up in the morning is to make a difference and contribute to something good, every day.


Sparking Drive is not about me. It’s about all of us who want to move the needle for a better tomorrow. There are endless possibilities to make a difference and it’s just a matter of deciding where to focus.


We can make a difference every day in our own life, by taking care of our bodies and minds. We make a difference at work, through our personal leadership, actions and continuous improvement.


We make a difference to our families, friends and communities, by showing that we care, and we are there to support them. And we do all this by cultivating an open mind, a growth mindset, lifelong learning and creativity. 


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