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6 Ways to Find More Meaning in Your Life

Updated: Mar 13

All my life I have been struggling with a feeling of not being good enough, so I constantly chased self-improvement and learning how to get better at whatever I was doing.

But this process often felt like a whac-a-mole game where one improvement created the need for another one. And like that, I was living my life like an actor, constantly chasing an undefined something that would eventually make me happy and fulfilled one day. But what does it take to become the author of our own life and feel more in control of our own choices? How do we find the motivation to do what we need to do, even when it's hard or we don't feel like doing it? I will be sharing from my own experience of finding more meaning and defining my purpose, together with some practical tips that could inspire you in your own journey.

You can see a few highlights from a previous edition here.

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